Cattolica, Adriatic coast and hinterland!

Cattolica is a seadine resort, surrounded by hills, with a long beach of fine, golden sand.

It's a beautiful town where you'll find cordiality, a warm welcome and a thousands reasons not to forget it.

You'll remenber ist squares with their fountains and play waters, the avenues full of shops and eateries where you can taste our typical seafood specialities, the tourist harbour, the flea markets in the old part of the town, the aquarium and marine park "Le Navi".

Furthermore, Cattolica has lots of important cultural events in ist theatres: the Theatre of the Regina, The Snaporaz as well as the open-air arena for the summer concerts.

During your stay you can also visit the numerous localities of historic or artistic interest that are withing easy compass: San Marino, Urbino, San Leo, Gradara.